What are our patients saying?


General Health & Pain

“Genevieve is very knowledgeable, has a very respectful and gentle approach. She also has a great, calm energy and presence about her.” Patient Survey 2013

“So grateful for Genevieve who helps me feel amazing from the acupuncture every time I visit. I went in there yesterday and was overly stressed and horrible anxiety that I couldn’t eat for days. Today I feel 10x better with a smile on my face and able to eat.” – B

“I feel she has helped me so much with different health problems plus I feel like she truly cares for patients.”  Patient Survey 2013

“I have appreciated how thorough she is with asking questions and explaining what she is doing. I’ve also seen some improvements in a short period of time, which tells me the treatments are working.” Patient Survey 2013

“I just wanted to thank you so much for doing Acupuncture on my back today – I feel a lot better!” – H

“I just wanted to say thank you. We didn’t even get to Leduc and the headache in my eye was better and by the time we got home it is gone 🙂 thanks again!” – A 

“My pain is gone.” – Patient Survey 2013

“My husband also received treatments for severe back and neck pain and it helped him a lot.” – L

“I feel great, not so quick to anger, calm and at peace. I’m sure this is going to help with my PMS symptoms, anxiety and hopefully my vertigo. Thank you for all your help!” – Anonymous

Fertility & Pregnancy

“I was very happy with her professionalism and knowledge. I felt very confident in her ability to help me with my fertility issues.”  Patient Survey 2013

“Genevieve, we wanted to thank you so, so much for your incredible work in acupuncture. I have been seeing you for two years and each time I saw you, I became pregnant that same cycle! Although three of those pregnancies were lost, you were able to help us become pregnant with our rainbow baby. He was born on his due date (no medical induction needed) one day after I had seen you for my last acupuncture induction session! We are so very in love with him and want to thank you for helping us bring this little man into this world and helping with a quick and relatively painless labour and delivery.” – J

“I’ve been seeing Genevieve primarily for infertility. After receiving treatments for a few months I found out I was pregnant in October! I couldn’t believe it! Genevieve has also successfully treated my heavy cramping during periods as well as anxiety and TMJ (jaw problem). I continue to see her during my pregnancy for nausea, fatigue and anything else that comes up.”  – S

“My husband and I would like to extend a gracious thank you for all your help. With your assistance we have had a wonderful surprise! We are expecting a little one!” – T

“Thanks for everything… Your expertise and care really made our dreams come true.” – Anonymous

“We’d been trying to conceive for more than 3 years and had tried 8 months of Clomid and 5 rounds of IUI with injections. All we had achieved was an early miscarriage in May and a lot of heartbreak. My best friend swears that acupuncture helps her Crohns disease and made me an appointment with an acupuncturist while we were visiting her in Scotland in October 2010. I decided to continue on my return to Edmonton and contacted Genevieve. I’m so thankful I did. After several treatments, I went to the fertility clinic in November 2010 and my left ovary had produced a great follicle—the first time it had done so. We then did our 6th IUI in January with injections plus Genevieve performing weekly acupuncture. I produced 3 good follicles (two on the left) and one week ago delivered our first child—our healthy miracle baby girl…. I am convinced we would not have become pregnant if it were not for her acupuncture treatments.”  –L

“We tried three IUI sessions at the clinic with no success and decided to continue on to IVF. I was already 36 at this time. We harvested 23 eggs and they let them fertilize naturally and grew them for five days into 9 blastocysts. We tried the first two transfers resulting in one pregnancy that only lasted a couple weeks. We knew we were going to try one more cycle with our last two blastocysts… It was at this time that Celine Dion became pregnant and was in the tabloids with her pregnancy, she said she was having weekly acupuncture treatments to support her pregnancy. I was telling this to my chiropractor and he told me about Genevieve Boyer. He said that everyone he sent her way so far had become pregnant. I called her for an assessment. Upon meeting her I immediately felt assured by her quiet confidence and ability to assist me with my body’s imbalances. I started with her treatments in September 2009… We transferred our last two blasts in June 2010. Genevieve helped us through the whole pregnancy with her ability to aid my body in supporting our pregnancy even when I developed a very large subchorionic hemorrhage in my uterus… I believe that it was because of her assistance that we were able to carry to term our sweet baby boy who was born on March 7, 2011… I do believe in miracles and meeting Genevieve was an integral part of our miracle baby.” – E

“Thank you so much for your patience and support during my fertility struggles and through my first trimester. Also for not losing hope, even when I was feeling defeated. The twins are doing great!”  – A

“I have been seeing Genevieve as a patient since 2011, and she has been a huge part of my health success in helping me balance my hormones and start the fertility process. I also saw her during both my pregnancies, in which she was able to help me manage emotions, and with back pain. Genevieve is also a wonderful colleague, and I have been sending many of my friends, family and clients to see her. They all have had great experiences and high praise for the work she does on them. The biggest benefits I’ve received in seeing Gen for acupuncture are: anxiety reduction, overall calm, balancing hormones pre, during and post pregnancy, decreased bloating and improved digestion.  Thanks Genevieve!” – R

Children’s Health

“I wanted to let you know that J has been sleeping amazingly well. She settles easily and calmly at night and sleeps the whole night with no disturbances. If she does wake, the disturbance is very minor and she goes back to sleep right away. We have decided that as of now, she does not need any more acupressure treatments. Thank-you so much for the work you did with her and we will definitely call on you again should the need arise.”  – J

“I just wanted to let you know that M has been doing really well this week. Since the treatment with Genevieve all of his teething symptoms seem to have dispersed. He has been sleeping really well, a solid 4–5 hours, waking once to nurse and then back for another 4–5 hours.” – Anonymous

“I took 2 of my girls to see Genevieve for acupuncture for migraine headaches that came up as they each hit puberty. In just one session for each of them, and one follow up for one, Genevieve was able to help alleviate them. Four years later, the girls have not had one migraine since. Genevieve is also a real pleasure to see as a patient as she really listens and cares.” – S